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Because of the dangers of misuse of medications, the administration of medications is only allowed by our school nurse.  Medications will be administered according to the written order(s) of a physician or licensed nurse practitioner.  This order must contain the name of the medication, the dosage to be administered, the times to be administered and the duration of the order.  No herbal products will be administered at school, unless requested by a physician.  No medications will be administered above the suggested dosage guidelines.  Children with inhalers need a completed medication order.  If a student is to carry the inhalers with him/her, it should state so on the form.  Students may take medications at school only under the supervision of the school nurse or main office personnel.  Students should not be in possession of any over the counter or prescription medication while at school.  Any medication (prescription or non-prescription) must be brought to school by an adult and delivered directly to the school nurse. Students cannot transport medications to and from school.  

Students may not give any medication to another student, even cough drops.  This can be dangerous and can be a serious violation of the law.  A medical form will be given to your child to bring home the first day of school, along with the other forms and information.

Again, please follow these simple safety rules below: 

  • Medications must be brought to the nurse’s office by the parent or guardian;

  • They must be accompanied by specific written directions;

  • They must be in the original labeled container;

  • They must be kept in the locked medicine drawer/cabinet in the nurse’s office; and 

  • They must be dispensed by school personnel.

Emergency Information

We need emergency information in case of student illness or injury during the school day.  Students’ addresses and telephone numbers should be kept current so that we may reach the appropriate person quickly if an emergency situation occurs.



Traci Pullen, R.N.