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For Students

When Should I See a Counselor?

  • If you are struggling with stress, pressure, or anxiety.
  • If you are being bullied or witness someone else being bullied.
  • When you have a problem and need help with it.
  • If you want help with something and you are not sure who to ask.
  • Classes/Scheduling
  • Relationship Issues
  • Most importantly, you MUST talk to the counselor if you are hurting yourself, thinking about hurting yourself, or know of someone who is hurting themselves!!!! You must talk to the counselor if you are being hurt or know that someone else is being hurt!!!!


Remember:  What you say in the counselor's office stays in the counselor's office unless:

  • Someone is hurting you 
  • You want to hurt yourself
  • You want to hurt someone else
  • You give permission to share information
  • Your parent/guardian asks if you have met with a counselor