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School counseling services are available to students in all Orange County Public Schools.  Through these services, students are encouraged to make decisions that will lead to effective functioning in school and society. The services include the following: Academic/Educational Counseling, Career Counseling, and Personal/Social Counseling.

The mission of the Orange County Public Schools Counseling Program is to empower students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens by addressing the academic, career, and personal/social needs of each student in a safe and caring environment.

If a parent or guardian does not wish for his/her child to participate in any of the counseling services available, he/she must complete an opt-out form available from the school counselor.

Please contact us with any questions regarding your child.  We look forward to meeting and working with you and your child this year!

School Counselor Role

School Counselors work with students in three basic areas:  Social & Emotional, Academic and Career Development, and College Awareness.  Throughout the year, classroom lessons will be offered that cover a wide-range of topics to include bullying prevention, social skills, conflict resolution, decision-making, setting SMART goals, school success, and career exploration.

Both individual and small group counseling are offered at LGMS. Counseling sessions in individual or small-group settings help students overcome issues impeding achievement or success, help students identify problems, causes, alternatives, and possible consequences so they can make decisions and take appropriate actions, are planned and goal-focused, and are short-term in nature. 

School Counselors do not provide therapy or long-term counseling in schools to address psychological disorders.  However, School Counselors are prepared to recognize and respond to student mental health crises and needs.  School Counselors address those barriers to student success by offering education, prevention and crisis and short-term intervention to include group counseling until the student relates to available community resources.  When students require long-term counseling or therapy, School Counselors make referrals to appropriate community resources (ASCA, 2019).


Counselor for Grades 6 & 7:

Briana Hall
540-661-4480 ext. 7533


Counselor for Grades 6 & 8:

Alison Walden
540-661-4480 ext. 7128


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