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As required by law, each parent/guardian is responsible for regular and punctual attendance of any child in his or her charge within the compulsory age for school attendance. The faculty and staff at Locust Grove Middle School expect students to be in school every day, ready to learn. Sometimes absences are necessary. In those instances, students must make up any missed assignments during the absence or upon return to school. If your child is going to be absent, please contact the school.

LGMS Quick Attendance Reference List

Report all absences to the Attendance Secretary, Megan Breeden by emailing. or calling 540-661-4480 select #1. When students are absent, parents must provide a valid note, send an email, or call the school and state the reason for the absence upon returning or at least within 5 days of the first day being absent. Parents must notify LGMS on the day of the absence and follow up with the note as needed.

Excused Absences:

The parent/guardian has communicated, with supporting documentation if required, to school officials the reason for their child’s absence and school officials consider the reason valid. Excused absences include but are not limited to: student illness, death or serious illness of a family member, doctor, dentist or therapist appointments, pre-approved travel for family emergencies or vacation, subpoenas for court, and religious observances. A student is allowed up to 10 days of parent/guardian “excused absence” notes. After 10 days, absences will be listed as unexcused unless other documentation is provided. 

Unexcused Absences:

If the parent has not communicated to school officials the reason for their child’s absence, or if school officials consider the reason invalid, the absence will be recorded as ‘unexcused’ in Powerschool. Unexcused absences include but are not limited to the following: missed school buses, oversleeping, recreational activities, child care issues, and transportation issues. Absences caused by the bus not operating for the day will be listed as Principal Excused Absences.

  • 5 Unexcused Absences will result in a letter sent home to schedule an attendance meeting with the student and parent. At the meeting, the team will develop an attendance plan. 

  • The next Unexcused Absence after the attendance plan is developed will result in another letter sent home to warn that the attendance plan has been violated.  

  • Additional absences may result in a referral to the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court for truancy.

Tardies to School:    

A tardy is defined as the student not being in his/her designated area (homeroom) when attendance is taken or the last tardy bell rings in the morning. Excessive tardies will result in an attendance plan.

Tardies to Class:

  • First Tardy–warning from teacher

  • Second Tardy–warning from teacher and parent contact (email is fine)

  • Third Tardy-1 lunch detention with grade level designee (this rotate)--must contact parent to notify them of the lunch detention

  • Meeting with the team–inform the administrator. Complete minor incident report

  • Reset at the end of the quarter

  • Give grace for the first week of school

Early Dismissals: 

Students are expected to be in school for the full day unless illness, medical/dental appointment, or an emergency that makes it necessary to leave. If early dismissals become excessive, LGMS will schedule an attendance meeting to develop a plan for the future. 

Attendance Awards:

Attendance awards are given at the beginning of each month for perfect attendance for the preceding month.  Perfect attendance does not allow for late arrivals, early dismissals or time spent in ISS or OSS.

View the Division's Attendance Policies Below:


Attendance Secretary:

Megan Breeden
540-661-4480 ext. 7113


For Attendance Meetings:

Briana Hall
540-661-4480 ext. 7533

*phone meetings available upon request