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Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Students may be dropped off at the front entrance of the building at 7:10 AM. If arrival is earlier, students must wait in the vehicle. Students may be picked up at 2:25 PM at the front entrance. The bus loop is for buses only.

*Make sure to sign up for Stopfinder. This is the all-in-one parent engagement app designed by parents for parents. Receive bus location and messages, updates and alerts in real-time.*

LGMS Activity Bus Schedule

Bus 38 - Robin Maddox




Stop 1

Locust Grove Middle School

5:18 PM

Stop 2

Lake of The Woods L.O.W. Church Childcare

(Only if child registered in the childcare)

5:23 PM

Stop 3

Lake of The Woods at the Small Marina

5:27 PM

Stop 4

Lake of The Woods lower level Club House parking lot

5:29 PM

Stop 5

Rapidan Rd / Germanna Hwy

5:31 PM

Stop 6

A & K Blvd off Somerville Rd**

5:34 PM

Stop 7

Somerset Ridge Rd / Pheasant Ridge Rd

5:35 PM

Stop 8

River Bend Dr / Pheasant Ridge Rd

5:36 PM

Stop 9

Pheasant Ridge Rd / Wildflower Way

5:37 PM

Stop 10

Gosling Ln / Pheasant Ridge Rd

5:38 PM

Stop 11

Rt 601 at Flat Run Church turn off

5:39 PM

Stop 12

The Market of Locust Grove, parking lot / Rt 20

5:40 PM

Stop 13

Rt 20 at Locust Grove Primary School, in the parking lot

5:45 PM

Stop 14

Burr Hill Rd (Rt 692), closed concrete plant on the right

5:50 PM

Stop 15

Strawberry Hill Rd / Mine Run Rd

5:53 PM

Stop 16

Rhoadesville Baptist Church, parking lot / Lafayette Dr

5:55 PM

Stop 17

Unionville Elementary School parking lot on Rt 522

5:56 PM


**After Stop 5, turn right on Somerville Rd, left on A&K Blvd and drop students at 2d stop sign, then turn right on Somerset Ridge Rd to Pheasant Ridge Rd