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Classwork & Homework Online Access

Keeping up with classwork and homework assignments is important for school success.  Classwork and homework count for 20% of a student's total grade and missing work can build up and negatively affect one’s grade.  When students are absent, these assignments will be located in their course modules within Canvas or at the top of the first page of the offline assignment document. After returning from an absence, the student must work with the teacher to plan for make up of missed assignments.

Late Work

If a student does not complete an assignment by the assigned due date, a grade of zero will be assigned.  In such instances, 5 days may be given for a student to turn in their work, for a maximum grade of 80%.  

Makeup Work (due to absences)

A student has 5 days from the date they return from an absence date to make arrangements with their teacher to make up missing assignments. A missing assignment will be designated as a '0' until it is made up.


Report Cards are sent home four times per year at the end of each nine-week marking period.  Interim reports are sent home every three (3) weeks to provide frequent updates on grades. 

OCPS Grading Scale Grades 3-12 

The following scale is used for all subjects:

A 90 - 100
B 80 - 89
C 70 - 79
D 60 - 69
F below 60
I Incomplete*

*Teachers may assign a grade of “Incomplete” when work is missed due to illness or emergency at the end of a grading period. Failure to complete work in the specified time will result in the earned grade being posted.

Grade Weights by Category:

Teachers are expected to use a variety of methods and assessments to evaluate student progress.  The following percentage breakdown will be used to calculate a student’s quarterly grade:

45% = Major summative assessments that are aligned to standards and help show student mastery. Including but not limited to the following: tests (summative assessments), major projects, PBL, research papers, final products (written, oral and or performance), benchmark assessments.

35%= Quizzes and other assessments: Build-up and minor summative assignments that lead to final products that will show mastery. Typically graded for accuracy. Including but not limited to the following: quizzes, labs, activities, essay papers, minor projects, group tasks.

20%= Homework/Classwork: Small or minor practice and formative assignments. Including assignments or checks that are not always accuracy based. Daily work including but not limited to the following: homework, classwork, current events, PBL checkpoints, outlines, rough/first drafts, blog posts, skill checks, concept maps, daily tasks, warm-ups.


Every nine weeks, the following awards are presented to students for exceptional academic work:

  • All A’s Honor Roll Award

  • A/B Honor Roll